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Classroom Management


This year our class is using ClassDojo to encourage positive behavior and work habits.  ClassDojo is a simple approach to classroom management, where students earn points daily both individually, and as a class.  We have been focusing on building important life skills, while in the classroom or virtual, such as working hard, following directions, participating in class, completing classwork, and generally building a positive classroom culture.


Once students begin earning points, they track their progress on their DoJo Trackers, and once a week we check in to monitor progress.  Each DoJo reward is assigned a value from 5-50; the higher the value, the “better” the reward.  Students can trade in their points for such rewards as earning a virtual show and tell, digital certificates, a positive email from the teacher to a parent/guardian, choosing a Go Noodle dance, changing their DoJo avatar, chewing gum in class, etc.  


We also set goals as a class, and when that goal is met, students vote on a “whole class reward.”  These “whole class rewards” are not weekly rewards, but rather earned once the class collectively earns points.  Just like the individual rewards, each reward is assigned a value.  Some examples of “whole class rewards” are playing a virtual game or scavenger hunt, participating in a virtual drawing or art lesson, going on a virtual field trip, or earning time to go outside and enjoy some independent reading.