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Principal's Message

At Memorial Elementary School, our motto for our students, staff and community  is “Work Hard, Be Kind, Go Bulldogs!”.  Our mission each day is to provide a high-quality education that values the whole child inclusive of academics, social and emotional health. Our staff of highly qualified teachers deliver a rich educational program with skill, expertise and passion.  We believe that the greatest impact on a student’s success is seen in the relationships we develop.  When we take the time to value these relationships, we build rapport, trust and inspire lifelong learners.  Lessons focus on personalized learning- our classrooms strive to be learner-led, focusing on skills that students need to join the 21st century workforce.  Our staff is a united team, strong and current in their practices.  They are risk takers and creative designers of a challenging and evolving curriculum.

Professional learning is valued at Memorial Elementary School.  Our School Improvement Panel, which consists of staff from across all spectrums of our building, takes great pride in the collaboration and communication between grade levels and departments.  We strive to model lifelong learning, and design experiences that help to support and enrich our knowledge base.  Our teachers are leaders in their profession, never settling for past practice and always willing to be “All In” for our students, staff and community.

At Memorial Elementary School, we believe that developing a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment is a responsibility that requires the participation of all stakeholders in our community. Students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents must work together to foster a culture that is sensitive to the needs of all students and inclusive of the uniqueness of individuals. This is accomplished by approaching character and leadership education in a unique manner through our P.A.W.S. (Positive Actions Will Shine) Program. Throughout the school year, we have designed activities that will provide our students with varied opportunities to learn how to:

  • successfully and proactively deal with stress and conflict before it becomes a bullying situation
  • resourcefully problem solve in academic and social situations to foster the application of emotional intelligence skills
  • comfortably explore their interests and passions so they understand their uniqueness is something to be cherished and celebrated
  • creatively recognize and support growth on all levels of development (social, emotional, academic
  • build resiliency and empower students with critical life skills to be successful in any endeavor they choose to pursue. P.A.W.S., our home-grown program, enables us to embrace the shared values of our school family and helps us instill in our students critical socialization competencies. Our P.A.W.S. program cultivates the youngest citizens in Howell Township into caring, independent, responsible human beings that successfully and actively participate in a diverse, global community where their positive actions will shine! At Memorial Elementary, we take great pride in the positive and nurturing environment that characterizes our school. By teaching our children to think and dream, we continue to create life-long students of the world who will achieve success in any area they desire to pursue.

Finally, we believe that communication is key.  Our school prides itself on its inclusive nature.  From our classrooms to our PTA, we encourage everyone to get involved and show Bulldog Pride!  We know that the only way to true success for our learners is to have commitment from our staff, administration, parents and our students themselves.  We encourage our community to be involved and work in tandem with our dedicated staff to truly help make the most of our time with our learners.

At Memorial Elementary School we expect greatness, we lift each other up and we celebrate our success together!

Work Hard, Be Kind, Go Bulldogs!
Mr. Raymond Gredder
Principal, Memorial Elementary