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Effect of Speech and Language Problems on Learning

You need language skills to communicate. And you need to communicate to learn. Reading, writing, gesturing, listening, and speaking are all forms of language. The better your communication skills, the better you will do in school.

Does your child have speech or language problems? He may not be able to do grade-level work. He may have trouble reading, writing, and spelling. He may not understand social cues, like what a person means when he nods or looks away as you speak. He may have trouble taking tests and may not want to go to school.

The school SLP should see your child. Each school has a process you need to follow to have your child seen. Your child may get referred to a child study team for testing. The SLP may be a part of this team, along with teachers, special education teachers, a psychologist, or others.

Role of the SLP

The SLP will test your child’s speech and language skills and decide if your child needs treatment. Each school has a process to get services started. The SLP or others in the school will help you follow this process.

Your child may get speech and language services alone or in a small group. The SLP may go into your child’s classroom and work with his teacher. The SLP will work with your child on what she is learning in class. The goal of speech and language services is to help your child do well in school. The SLP will work as part of a team that makes sure that your child gets the services she needs.

Speech and language problems do not have to keep your child from doing well in school. SLPs can help.

Speech students I will be sending you materials on your scheduled speech days. Please try your best to complete the assignments. If you have any questions email me at [email protected]. I miss you all!
My name is Michelle Walsh. I have been a Speech Language Pathologist since 1994. Throughout my career I have worked in various settings. The last 8 years I have been employed in the the public school system. I am not only a therapist, I am the parent of three beautiful children, my youngest being Autistic. I received an Autism Specialist Certification 4 years ago. My passion is helping others and I am blessed to be apart of the Howell Township Community.