Start Strong Reports Now Available in Parent Portal

As you review your child’s reports, please keep in mind that results from the Start Strong assessments are not intended to be compared to performance on the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA), as the Start Strong assessments have a very narrow focus in both design and purpose. The Start Strong assessments were designed to identify students who may need additional support, and to indicate the areas in which that support may be needed in a normal learning year.  As such, the results are for diagnostic purposes, in that they assist our instructional staff in planning the very best learning experiences for each child.  The diagnostic nature of Start Strong is similar to the variety of other assessments and evaluations that the District continues to use on an ongoing basis to identify and monitor progress related to students’ specific personalized needs. Start Strong is not intended to be a high stakes assessment, nor will it impact your child’s consideration for program eligibility in the District.
Feel free to contact the school with any questions that you may have regarding the information on the reports, as they will be glad to assist you.  Details regarding the availability of the Start Strong Individual Student Reports in the Portal, can be found below.