Helping Around the House

Helping around the house is a great way for children to feel like they're part of the team. Whether they're making their bed or they're sweeping the floor, helping out around the house helps kids feel capable. Pitching in and helping family members is good for them. Helping should involve picking up after themselves. For example, teach your children to put their toys away when they are done playing with them and clean up after they finish a meal or snack. You can build this into a daily schedule. The following are just a few examples you may try.


Pick up toys

Put dirty clothes in laundry basket

Help carry groceries in to the house and put them away

Bring in the mail or newspaper

Put utensils and napkins on the table for a meals

Sweep floors or vacuum using upright vacuum


Organize books, games, videos

Empty wastebaskets

Take out the garbage and recycling

Make bed, clean bedroom

Set the table

Clear the table and put away any extra food

Help prepare dinner

Make and pack lunch

Wipe off the counters

Wipe off the table after meals or snack

Put dirty dishes into the sink or dishwasher

Feed the pets
Water plants


Washing Hands:

Walk to sink

Turn on water

Wet hands

Put soap on hands

Lather hands

Rinse hands

Turn off water

Get towel or paper towel

Dry hands

Place towel back on counter (if paper, dispose of paper towel)

You can utilize the file below to help with handwashing!


Sorting Laundry:

Sort socks, towels (washcloths), and shirts into 3 different piles.

Fold the towels.

Fold the shirts.

Match the socks and fold in half.

Places piles in correct drawers.  (at home it may mean placing on the correct shelves)


Placemat Setting:

     Correctly set out plates, forks, spoons, (maybe) knives, cups, and napkins for each place setting at meals.


Utensil Sorting:

     Place forks, knives, and spoons in the correct dividers in the drawer.


Print this hand washing visual and hang it near your sink to assist your children in following each of the steps. You can sing a song to encourage them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds!